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Bates Mill PDF

A Sun Journal reader project

Sun Journal Front PageA-4

Sun Journal History

Site model, a connection to the river PDF

Climate graphics PDF

Riverfront Island Master Plan

Google data center in Hamina, Finland

Additional case studies PDF

How Jacquard's loom became the supercomputer PDF

From pulp mill to data center

The rise of computing and energy demands PDF

Growth in data centers

Shortage of data center infrastructure



Growth in Local Food Movement PDF

Growth in Farmers Markets 1994-2011

Bates # 5 sawtooth roof solar study PDF

Backyard Farms -Maine's own yearround tomatos

Lewiston Farmers Market

Maine Network of Community Food Councils


World data centers look for low emission cooling

Bates #5 preliminary heating and cooling load analsis PDF

Server cooling load study relitive to local climate PDF

Facebook locates data center in Artic chill

The Data Furnace

Images PDF

Proposal PDF

Methodology PDF

Site Plan PDF

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